100 steps

100 steps


Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. Podczas zabawy na dworze poproś dzieci, that they would hold hands and pass together 100 steps forward. Talk about it, why some little ones went further than others, although everyone did 100 steps.

2. Odliczajcie do 100 with the help of movements, changing the type of activity after reaching each subsequent ten. For example: clap (1-10); stubble (10-20); clap over your head (20-30); wave your hands like wings (30-40); jump up (40-50); touch your head (50-60); sit down and get up (60-70); slap your knees (70-80); march (80-90) and make jumpers (90-100).


A precious Valentine's Day gift


red cardboard
adhesive tape

What should be done:

1. Zaproś do przedszkola rodziców dzieci i przeprowadź kurs właściwego używania fotelików samochodowych. Ask for professional help from the police or firefighters.

2. Ask your parents, to take pictures of their children fastened in seat belts in car seats.

3. Wytnij serce z czerwonego kartonu. Stick photos on them and hang them in a clearly visible place, at the eyesight level of the little ones.

What else can be done:

Encourage parents to research road safety information on the Internet.