100 thumbprints

100 thumbprints


disposable plastic plates
tempera paint w 10 different colors
reproduction of the painting "Sunday afternoon at the Grand Jatte” Georgesa Seurata

What should be done:

1. Do this exercise to celebrate the hundredth day of kindergarten.

2. Give each child a plastic plate. Let the little ones put on the plates 10 rows after 10 Thumbprints of different colors (10 green, 10 blue etc.).

3. Use these prints to count to 100 dozens.

4. When the paint is dry, let the kids cut out their thumbprints and stick them on the paper.

What else can be done:

Plasticity: if it's possible, show the children the paintings of Georges Seurat, in line with the trend of neo-impressionism, especially “Sunday afternoon at Grande Jatte”, explaining to the little ones, how the little dots line up to make a complete picture. Encourage children to experiment with using thumbprints in the same way, the way Seurat used the dots.