Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts


gold wrapping foil
cardboard in different colors
pink or red paper bags
white glue
wallpaper with red and white patterns
red felt-tip pen

What should be done:

1. We celebrate Valentine's Day 14 February.

2. Make hand templates from cardboard, sleeves, shoes, hearts, crown and face.

3. Cut out the crown of gold foil and the heart, face and two hands of pink cardboard.

4. Glue the face to the bottom flap of the paper bag.

5. Stick your hands inside the side edges of the bag.

6. Cut four strips of approx 1,5 cm, forming the hair of the queen; wrap their tips with a pencil.

7. Glue the face under the crown.

8. Glue the golden scraps of paper under the queen's chin, forming a collar.

9. Use a wax crayon to draw lips, nose and small eyes – all in the shape of hearts. For the nose, the heart should be turned over.

10. Cut the queen's shoes out of the black cardboard and stick them on the bottom of the paper bag.

11. Decorate the queen's gown with stickers, hearts cut from wallpaper, lace napkins and patterns drawn with a red felt-tip pen.