Chain of consolation

multi-colored paper strips, approx. 5 x 15 cm

What should be done:

1. Rozpoczynanie pierwszego i każdego kolejnego nowego roku w przedszkolu może być dla dziecka przerażającym doświadczeniem. Mainly, the fear of the unknown comes to the fore. This game will help the little ones to better adapt to the stay in kindergarten.

2. Stwórz atrakcyjną wizualnie tabelę, by matching different colors to each activity, e.g:
green = outdoor fun;
red = rhythmic;
blue = group fun;
yellow = afternoon tea;
orange = art classes;
purple = fairy tale;
white = aging.
Include lots of funny pictures on the table, to make the most effective impression.

3. Kiedy rano dzieci zjawią się w przedszkolu, explain carefully, what the colored table will be for them. Tell me, that the table will remind them, what is going to happen during the day.

4. Pomóż każdemu z malców w przygotowaniu papierowego łańcucha przedstawiającego wszystkie kolejne wydarzenia. For example, if the day begins with group play, and then there is fun outside,

the first two links in the chain will be blue and green etc.. To avoid confusion about it, which link begins the chain, at the end, put a golden or silver circle to signify the parent's arrival.

5. Po każdym kolejnym wydarzeniu dziecko może odcinać lub odrywać jedno ogniwo łańcucha. This gives the little one a clear idea of ​​the passage of time and the exact schedule of the day. Soon the children will be able to cope without this help.

What else can be done:
When a new child joins the group, ask another (enthusiastic) baby, for the first week to become a partner of a new colleague and tell him about individual activities.