A trip to the pumpkin field

A trip to the pumpkin field



What should be done:

1. Take a look around, looking for some pumpkin patch, which children could visit. Alternatively, you can choose an orchard or a sunflower field.
In turn, in the city you can visit the market, which sells pumpkins.

2. Invite the parents, to help the kids choose pumpkins.

3. On arrival, tell the little ones about it, how pumpkins grow, how long does it take to grow this vegetable and how do you irrigate and fertilize your pumpkin field.

4. The most important rule: Children can only choose pumpkins, which they are able to carry on their own.

5. Take your camera with you and take a photo of each of the kids next to the pumpkin of your choice. Take a group photo as well.

6. When you return to kindergarten, talk to the children about it, what they saw and what smells they smelled in the pumpkin field.

7. Paste pictures of children and their pumpkins onto a large sheet.

8. Collect all the children's accounts and make a booklet illustrated with photos.