Hi, sailors!

Hi, sailors!


Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. Start by teaching the children the activities, which correspond to the following commands:

• Captain on board! (stand at attention and salute}
• Scrub the deck! (Kneel and pretend, that you scrub the floor)
• Dance a gig! (Cross your arms over your chest and alternately throw your legs out in front of you)
• On the mast! (Pretend, that you are climbing, alternately moving hands)
• Watch out for pirates! (Keep your hand horizontal above your eyes and look around)
• Left over the side! (Pretend, that you are shifting the big rudder to the left)
• Right to the side! (Pretend, that you are shifting the big rudder to the right)
• On the board! (Pretend, that you are walking on the plank with your arms out to your sides)

2. For younger children, you can forgo more difficult commands, for example "port to port” and "starboard."”. Encourage the little ones to come up with their own seafaring orders,

3. Practice each movement several times.

4. Quickly execute subsequent commands. Encourage children, that they try to obey all instructions, despite the increasing pace. It's great fun!

What else can be done:

Use this game as part of a sailing or pirate play series. Plasticity: Encourage children to come up with a name for the sailing ship and design a flag to decorate it.

Role play: Make or get pirate costumes yourself. Encourage children to pretend, that they are the crew of a large sailing ship.

Group classes: Based on books and illustrations, show the children, what life was like on the old ships.