Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves
white paper scissors
squares of red, yellow, brown and gold tissue paper
container with water

What should be done:

1. Wytnij z białego papieru różne kształty liści.

2. Zachęć dzieci do układania na papierowych liściach kwadratowych kawałków bibuły i moczenia każdego z nich przy pomocy pędzelka zanurzanego w wodzie.

3. Wait, until the works are dry.

4. Poproś malców o usunięcie kawałków bibuły. The leaves will be colored by the dyes in the blotting paper.

5. Sporządź w sali wystawę gotowych prac.

What else can be done:
Plasticity: Collect and dry leaves for art projects.
maths: Organize a contest for 'The largest and smallest leaf”. While walking, let the children look for the largest and smallest leaves possible, and then in the room they compare the size of their finds.
Outside: Pile up a large mountain of leaves and jump on it with the children.

Shiny leaves

leaf-shaped cookie cutters
sheets of paper in autumn colors (size 30 x 45 cm)
shallow containers
metallic paint: copper, gold, silver and brown

What should be done:

1. Cover tables with newspapers and blow small amounts of metallic paint into shallow containers.

2. Zachęć dzieci do zanurzania foremek w farbie i odciskania na papierze kolorowych kształtów i iści.

3. Niech malcy poeksperymentują z różnymi kształtami foremek i kolorami farby.

What else can be done:

Plasticity: Have the children paint with metallic paints on a canvas set up on an easel, creating sparkling autumn images.

Science: Compare the leaves of different plants and trees.