Based on paper

Based on paper


base (real or photos)
black and white paint for finger painting
black tempera paint

What should be done:

1. if it's possible, bring real base to the hall. However, you can also use photos of them.

2. Apply some black tempera paint on the bottom of each sheet. Ask the children, to blow the paint through the straws, forming a long line.

3. If it is necessary, help the children in this task, tilting the sheet at the right angle.

4. Mix black and white finger paint, getting gray color. Encourage children to put thumbprints on the paper to create images of catkins. Caution: Some children prefer to use their index finger instead of their thumb.


The old willows inclined
Soft catkins above the flower:
"Where is spring? Tell me, nice,
Haven't you seen her by chance?.