Bee, sheep, Bee!

Bee, sheep, Bee!


eye sleeping mask

What should be done:

1. Put the children in a circle, close to each other. They will play the role of sheep.

2. Ask for a volunteer ("Shepherdess”) to blindfold yourself. Gently rotate the shepherd boy three times around its axis.

3. The shepherd boy stretches his hands out in front of him and marches, until he touches someone. Then he calls "bee, sheep, Bee!”.

4. Affected child must answer "bee, Bee!*, imitating the voice of a sheep.

5. The shepherd boy is trying to guess the baby's name, if he is wrong, she says “bee, sheep, Bee!”, then tries again.

6. If she still cannot recognize the voice of the “sheep”, he must turn around and go to meet the next child.

7. The first lamb, which the shepherd boy will correctly identify, takes his place. If the child does not want to wear the blindfold, look for another volunteer.

8. Perform this fun, imitating various animals.

What else can be done:

Group classes: Talk about shepherds and this, how they care for their sheep. Show the children the sheep's wool and tell them about shearing sheep and making clothes from wool.

Holidays: Carry out this fun around Easter,

Music: Find and sing a song about sheep or lambs.