Bell parachute

Bell parachute


large parachute

What should be done:

1. Kiedy dzieci będą przytrzymywały krawędź spadochronu, place the bells in its center.

2. Niech malcy powoli unoszą i opuszczają spadochron, singing “It's snowing, it's snowing, sleigh bells are ringing” and listening to the sound of ringtones.



Christmas orchestra


boxes of different sizes without lids
rubber bands of different lengths

What should be done:

1. Put three to four rubber bands on each box.

2. Give each child one box.

3. Help the little ones choose a Christmas song or a Christmas carol, which they will sing, playing music boxes.

4. Talk about it, what is the work of a conductor. Let the little ones try to conduct the kindergarten orchestra one by one.


Geometric snow


a few meters of string

What should be done;

1. Potnij sznurek na kawałki różnej długości.

2. Rozłóż na podwórku kawałek sznurka, putting it into a geometric figure, for example, a circle or an oval.

3. Show the kids, how to cover the string with snowballs.

4. Ułóż inne figury geometryczne, the outline of the children will then be covered with snow.

5. Aby utrudnić malcom zadanie, use some pieces of string to create numbers or letters.

6. Zachęcaj malców do układania własnych figur ze sznurka.