Carrot madness

Carrot madness


computer with a color printer
computer printouts of pictures showing carrots
paper cutter
binder with pockets
sheets of cardboard with sizes 30 x 45 cm
color scanner
glue stick
laminating device

What should be done:

1. Wydrukuj na tekturze wizerunki marchewek, having put words on them in advance, which children should remember.

2. Za pomocą gilotyny do papieru przytnij obrazki do pożądanego rozmiaru.

3. if you want to, make a header card and put it in the top row of pockets in the binder. Print the name of the game and instructions on it: "Put carrots with words here, which are on the wall of words”.

4. if you want to, you can make folders from cardboard sheets for materials used during play.

5. Use the color scanner to make reduced printouts of the header and cards correctly positioned in the binder. Stick this printout on the back of each file.

6. Laminate and cut the header card, pictures with carrots and words and a briefcase.

7. Show the children one of the words. Let the maics recognize the next words, when you will put them in a binder.

8. Go on, until all the carrots are in place.

9. Make sure with the printouts on the back of the folders, that none of the elements are lost during packing.