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Geometric game

To play, you need a rectangular sheet of paper and any identical geometric shapes with a center of symmetry, e.g.. domino bones, matchboxes, identical coins.
Two people are playing. The draw decides, who is to start the game. Gracz wylosowany kładzie

Dealer's trouble

A salesman took notice, that an ordinary weighing pan, which he was using, has one arm longer, so it does not give the proper weight. Of course, he decided to send the scale back for repair; it did, however, że musiał wpierw jeszcze odważyć kupującemu

Accurate clock setting

I do not have a pocket watch at the moment, is under repair at the clockmaker, and my wall clock stopped. So I go to a friend, where - as I know - clocks always work perfectly, czas pewien spędzam u niego i wróciwszy do domu nastawiam

Chest with balls

tmpb8a2-2The factory sent a cubic crate with steel balls. The empty chest weighed 2 kg, and the gross weight of the box with the balls was 18 kg. They were in the chest 64 the same balls arranged in four layers: na dole skrzyni leżała warstwa z czterech rzędów

Conversation about the age of son and father

Before, more or less 20 Years ago, we found such a conversation between a son and a father in the Parameter magazine. — Syn: "Daddy, today is the first day of the new year, and at the same time my birthday and yours. Do you know, Daddy: the sum of the digits of the new year is equal to this, ile

How much water is in the barrel

tmpb8a2-1Two gardeners argued over the amount of water in the barrel; it was about dissolving potassium salt in it. One of them argued, that there is more than half of the water in the barrel, the other insisted, that there is less. How to find out, kto ma

A resourceful farmer

On the farm, which was not very rich in weights, the farmer wanted to weigh puck bags of grain. The decimal weight was what it was, but some weights were missing, so that it was impossible to weigh a weight greater than a half a quintale, and less than a quintal. Worki zaś miały

A phenomenal computer-cavalryman

A brilliant cavalryman was once famous in France, which, regardless of the number of participants in the merry parade, was able to respond immediately, how many different ways the riders could have grouped into equal ranks, driving in pairs, pc three, after four, przy czym w