What hatch from an egg?

What hatch from an egg?


pictures of animals, which hatch from the egg
different types of eggs or shells (short, ducklings, goose, quail etc.) plastic bags with magnifying glass

What should be done:

1. Show the children the different types of eggs. Put them in plastic bags, so that the little ones do not touch them directly (to avoid germs).

2. Talk about greatness, the shape and color of individual eggs.

3. Encourage children to guess, what animal hatched from each egg.

4. Put the eggs on the table, so that children can view them through a magnifying glass.

5. Place pictures of the animals next to them and encourage the children to match them with the eggs.

What else can be done:

Plasticity: Wash hard-boiled or blown eggs. Let the kids decorate them with paints.



hard-boiled eggs
raw porridge
sesame seeds or raisins
Maple syrup
thick apple mousse

What should be done:

1. Ask the children, to help you cook porridge. Boil it in water (carefully supervise the little ones).

2. Add sesame seeds, Maple syrup, applesauce and raisins.

3. Provide a snack of porridge and hard-boiled eggs.

4. Make a graphical chart titled "Our Favorite Snack: Eggs

5. hard-boiled or porridge”. Cut out the drawings of the bowl with porridge and eggs. Have the children one by one put the selected pictures on the table.

What else can be done:

Trip: Visit a rural farm with the children, to watch the chickens and ducks.

Science: Watch the little chickens or ducklings hatch in the incubator.