Red light, green light

Red light, green light


black cardboard
red, green and yellow cellophane
adhesive tape
a flashlight

What should be done:

1. Cut a rectangle out of black cardboard, shaped like street lights.

2. Cut three round holes in it, big enough, to be able to shine a flashlight through them.

3. Cover the holes with cellophane – top red, middle yellow, and the bottom one is green.

4. Hang your finished artwork from the ceiling, under the shelf, on an easel, etc.. make sure, that nothing is behind him.

5. Clear the floor in the hall.

6. Gather the kids in one place, turn off the lights and explain, that the little ones will play a game called "Red Light, green light”.

7. Encourage children to pretend to be cars running around the room.

Tell me, that when you shine a flashlight through green cellophane, the little ones should move on; seeing highlighted yellow cellophane, they should slow down; while at the sight of the red light they are to stop.

8. Play with your children according to these rules, shining alternately through individual holes covered with cellophane. When the little ones have mastered the rules of the game, vary the pace of play and the sequence of lights.

What else can be done:

Plasticity: Place the sponge pieces and red paint in the plastic corner, yellow and green

Blocks: Complete your brick collection with toy high beam lights.

Role play: Get kids reflective vests and STOP signs.

Science: Place colored cellophane and flashlights in the science corner.