Have you ever had a tooth fall out??

Have you ever had a tooth fall out??


binder with pockets
felt-tip pens
a name card for each of the children

What should be done?

1. Prepare the header card for inclusion in a binder, writing a question on it: "Have you ever had a tooth fall out??”. Place a drawing of the tooth under the question and write "yes" on one side”, followed by the word "no”, creating two columns.

2. Talk to the children about the table you created and encourage them to share their experiences.

3. Have each of the little ones put their name card in the appropriate one

column in a binder. |

4. Have the children count all the cards in both columns and discuss the results. j

Count your teeth


white wear plate
marker for writing on the blackboard

What should be done:

1. Ask the children, to wash their hands.

2. Show malcom, how to count your teeth.

3. Draw a table on the board, in which write down the number of teeth of each of the little ones.

4. Ask the children the following questions:

Why do we have a different number of teeth?

What number of teeth is the most popular among children?

What number of teeth is the least frequent??