Endangered species day

Endangered species day

decorations for masks, for example feathers, string and fur

What should be done:

1. March is the International Day of Endangered Species of Animals

2. Talk to your children about it, what it means to be an "endangered species."”.

3. Make a list of endangered animal species and let each of the children choose one of them (for example, an elephant, panda, whale, rhinoceros, turtle or gorilla).

4. Inflate a small balloon for each of the children.

5. Show malcom, how to stick strips of newsprint to the half of the balloon (the so-called. paper mache). Help each of the children put a layer of paper on the balloon, creating the mouth of a selected animal.

6. Do not forget to leave holes for the eyes, before the paper mass dries.

7. When the masks dry, remove the balloons and encourage the kids to paint their creations. If the little ones want, they can add some other decorations.

8. Turn on the music. Encourage the children to put on masks and to do the 'dance of endangered animals”.

What else can be done:

Science: Look for information on endangered species and this, what people do, to save them.