Unique snowmen

Unique snowmen


jelly molds
small and large ice cream spoons
plastic cutters
spoons and forks
kitchen tools

What should be done:

1. On a snowy day, take out all the accessories you have collected outside.

2. Help the children make some snowmen and encourage the little ones to personalize them with the materials from the list.

3. Take photos of the finished works and use them to create stories about individual snowmen.



Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. This is a traditional Eskimo game, which can be used to break the ice, as well as for learning self-control.

2. Children sit in a circle, and one of them stands in the middle.

3. The child in the middle is silently pointing to another little one, who has to stand up and repeat the Eskimo word three times "muk”, without smiling at the same time, nor by laughing.

4. If the child smiles or laughs, switches places with the baby in the middle.

5. If he manages not to smile, the child in the center of the circle stays in place.

6. Keep having fun, until all the children have a chance to be in the middle. Then all smile together.

What else can be done:

You can make this fun part of an entire day dedicated to Inuit culture, winter, emotions or games from all over the world.

Social development: Show children pictures of people showing different emotions {smiling, curves etc.), encouraging little ones to recognize them. Talk about emotions, about that, what they are, and where they come from in us.