Felt bee nest

Felt bee nest


dark gold felt (30 x 45 cm)
yellow felt
adhesive tape
black paint for the material or felt-tip pens for the material

What should be done:

1. Cut out the golden felt into the shape of the bee's nest. Thicken its edges with black paint or a felt-tip pen.

2. Draw and cut out five yellow felt bees.

3. Draw or paint a black outline around each of these shapes. Then paint one on the bees, two, three, four and five stripes.

4. Use adhesive tape to attach the bees one by one to the piece of yarn, in the order corresponding to the number of stripes.

5. Attach the bee nest to the board, hiding bees behind it. Pull the yarn, pull out the bees one by one, by reciting the following rhyme:

Here is the bee's nest,
Where are all the bees?
Each of the children has a great desire to see them.
They are already flying out of the nest one by one:
1… 2… 3… 4… 5!