Felt charts of the sky

Felt charts of the sky


map of summer constellations
squares of black felt with side length 15 cm
star shaped stickers (plain or glowing in the dark)

What should be done:

1. Show the children a map of the summer sky with all the constellations visible at that time (Dolphin, Hercules, Indian, Lizard, South Crown, Capricorn, Fox, Lute, sniper, Swan, Microscope, Altar, Eagle, Southern Fish, Arrow, Sagittarius, Shield, Snake, Ophiuchus, Aquarius, crane, Foal).

2. Ask the children, to look at the individual constellations and count the stars that compose them.

3. Give each of the little ones a square piece of black felt with a side length 15 cm, as well as star-shaped stickers.

4. Encourage children to attach the stickers to the felt squares in this way, to reflect three or four summer constellations.

5. If you use stickers that glow in the dark, you can attach the felt to the wall or blackboard, turn off the light and watch the 'stars”.

What else can be done:

Science: Show children, where can you find the individual constellations on | evening sky. Encourage the little ones to go outside and look for stars in the sky, which they marked with stickers.