Fun pumpkin faces

Fun pumpkin faces


old magazines
glue stick

What should be done:

1. Before getting on with this task, cut out the shapes of pumpkins from paper and eyes, ears, lips and noses from photos published in magazines (older children can help you with this). You can also use photos of animals for fun.

2. Ask the children, to mix the cut-out fragments of the photos and make them funny faces on paper pumpkins.

Autumn walk


plastic bags with hermetic closure
niezmywalny flamaster
sheets of cardboard in fall colors

What should be done:

1. Daj każdemu z dzieci plastikową torebkę z hermetycznym zamknięciem i zapisz na torebkach imiona poszczególnych malców przy pomocy niezmywalnego flamastra.

2. Wybierz się z dziećmi na spacer, on the way looking for fall items, such as dry leaves, acorns, small twigs etc..

3. Kiedy dzieci napełnią swoje torebki, come back to the hall.

4. Ułóż na stole arkusze kartonu w jesiennych kolorach.

5. Encourage the little ones, that they match found items with boxes of the same or similar colors.