catch it! from modeling clay

catch it!


air-drying modeling clay
various felt-tip collage materials, wax crayons and pencils

What should be done:

1. Before doing this exercise, build the simple toy described on the next page.

2. Ask the children, what their life would be like without computer games or television. Make a list of the responses received. Tell the little ones, that children used to build their own toys. Show them the item you made.

Will explain], that different varieties of this toy are found all over the world.

3. Daj każdemu z dzieci trochę modeliny. Show the little ones, how to make a ball of it around the end of a piece of yarn. Wait until the next day, until the models are dry. To be sure, additionally attach the yarn with glue. Hold on, until the glue dries.

4. Pomóż każdemu z dzieci od rysować lub narysować trójkąt na kawałku tektury i go wyciąć.

5. Na środku każdego trójkąta wytnij otwór trochę większy od kulki.

This should be taken care of by an adult.

6. Ask the little ones, to decorate their triangles on both sides with the help of various art supplies.

7. Pomóż dzieciom wykonać przy jednym z wierzchołków trójkąta otwór za pomocą dziurkacza i przywiązać w tym miejscu włóczkę zakończoną kulką.

8. Czas się pobawić! Show the little ones, how to hold the triangle and toss the ball, trying to aim it at the hole. It may take a while to master this fun, so cheer the kids on, so that they do not get discouraged.

What else can be done:

Plasticity: Make a multi-colored ball, by mixing paints with white modeling clay or by combining two colors of modeling clay, to get the desired color. By adding small pieces of tissue paper to the modeling clay, you will get a beautiful marbled effect. Encourage children to experiment with different sizes of balls and triangles and different yarn lengths. Come up with new ways to toss the ball. Create a table describing the children's preferences.