Hello winter

Hello winter



several large sheets of cardboard card felt-tip pens

What should be done:

1. 21 grudnia to pierwszy dzień zimy.

2. W pierwszym dniu zimy razem powitajcie tę porę roku, by reading children's favorite books about winter.

3. Zapisz słowo „zima” in the center of a large sheet and circle them in a circle. Ask the children, to mention a few things related to winter, such as snow, cold, ice, skis, hot chocolate, gloves, winter shoes, as if, snowman etc.. Write down the children's ideas outside the circle.

4. W zależności od zdolności koncentracji malców, complete the list and hang it on the wall or continue with the exercise, creating "a wall of winter words”.

5. Pozwól każdemu z dzieci przepisać jedno słowo i narysować odpowiadający mu rysunek na tekturowej karcie.

6. Zapisz słowa wybrane przez dzieci na kartach i poproś malców, to put them in the right place in the wall of words”. (This name is used to describe a table with the letters of the alphabet, on which children put new words, to which they can then come back during the next classes).

What else can be done:

1. Wykorzystaj technikę listy słów do omówienia z dziećmi kolejnego tematu.

2. Zagłosujcie, in what direction should the classes go. Let the little ones decide, how to decorate the room and what props to find.

3. Zachęć dzieci do kreatywności, allowing, that their ideas have a specific impact on the decor of the room.

Group classes: Cut out all the words related to winter. Designate a few categories, for example, "vacation”, "weather”, "Clothes”, "food” e.t.c. Ask the children, to sort the words, by assigning them to these categories.