Hanging ornament made of leaves

Hanging ornament made of leaves


paper bags
colored cardboard
twigs approx 30 cm and a thickness of approx 5 cm (one for each of the children) punch (optional)

What should be done:

1. Take the kids for a walk. Give them the paper bags to collect the leaves.

2. After the walk, ask each of the little ones to put one leaf on the cardboard, outline it with a pencil and cut it out.

3. Encourage the children to cut five or six more leaves from the cardboard of different colors.

4. Use a pencil or a punch to make holes at the top edge of each paper leaf.

5. Give each of the little ones five or six different lengths of yarn, from 15 do 40 centimeters.

6. Give each of the children a twig. Help the children thread the yarn through the holes in the leaves and tie knots. Then, tie the other ends of the yarn pieces to the twig.

7. Cut a piece of yarn approx 60 cm. Help the children tie both ends to the twig.

8. Hang twigs on the door handles or on the ceiling.

What else can be done:

Plasticity: Encourage children to make leaf air fresheners. Outline and cut out more leaves from the cardboard. Pour into a bowl of almond extract. Now ask the children, so that they soak the brushes in the bowl and paint the cut leaves. if you want, you can sprinkle the leaves with a different aroma.

Have the children take the finished leaves home and put them in the drawer of clothes, to provide them with a pleasant fragrance.