Diary of a healthy heart

Diary of a healthy heart


large sheet of paper
exercise apparatus
music CDs for children
notebooks (one for each of the children)

What should be done:

1. At the beginning of class, ask the little ones the question of the day: "What does it mean to be healthy?”.

2. Let each of the children try to answer.

3. Write your answers on a large sheet and hang it in the room.

4. Refer to the answers about exercise, to keep the conversation going.

5. Talk about it, what children can do at school, to be active and to have a healthy heart. Plan to record children's physical exercise in individual Heart Health Diary”.

6. Offer the little ones to use a variety of exercise equipment.

7. Change the proposed instruments every week, to prevent boredom.

Play music and exercise videos for your little ones.

8. After each training session, have the children write down their achievements in "Diary”.

9. Use some of these diaries daily to review your exercises. Ask the group, who would like to share their notes.

10. Support children's efforts with praise and encouragement.

What else can be done:

Role play: Convert part of the room into a doctor's office. Encourage the little ones, so that after finishing the exercises they go to the "office”, where "doctor” i osłucha, weighs, will measure etc..

Relationship with home: Forward the "Diaries” parents, so that they can write down the exercises that your child is doing at home.