Party with the alphabet

Party with the alphabet


ornaments with letter motifs
letters cut from paper
foam letters
biscuits and pretzels in the shape of letters

What should be done:

1. Here is a great fun ending the learning year and summarizing the acquired knowledge about the alphabet. Throw the kids a party with the letters!

2. Send a letter of request to the children's homes about a week before the event, that the little ones wear clothes with letter motifs that day.

3. Before the arrival of the children, decorate the room with various ornaments related to the alphabet.

4. In the plastic corner, put the letters cut out of paper, so that children can create collages out of them.

5. In the reading corner, organize a search for photos of objects in magazines, whose names begin with individual letters.

6. In the same corner, leave a collection of primers at the disposal of children.

7. Play with the little ones in the letter variation of “musical chairs”. Spread letters made of foam on the floor, turn on the music and tell the children,

that when there is silence, they should stand on the next letter as soon as possible and state its name. Do not delete letters after the next rounds, so that the children can play longer.

8. In the sensory corner, encourage the children to make plasticine letters.

9. For afternoon tea, eat pretzels in the shape of letters. Encourage the children to put their names on a plate and to find letters, with which the names of the objects around you begin.

10. End the party by reading one of the primers.