Autumn lotto

Autumn lotto.


thick brown paper
pictures of items associated with autumn
self-adhesive foil or laminate

What should be done:

1. Podziel arkusz na dziewięć równych kwadratów.

2. Na każdym kwadracie naklej inny obrazek kojarzący się z jesienią, in no particular order. Make different variations of such boards, with different pictures.

3. Cover the paper with adhesive film or laminate.

4. Wykonaj drugi zestaw obrazków do wykorzystania w charakterze kart do gry. Cut the sheet into equal squares and stick different pictures on them.

5. Cover the cards with self-adhesive film.

6. Arrange the cards with pictures down and pull out the first one. Children who have a drawn picture on their board, can mark it.

7. Play by bingo rules or until all the boxes are checked.


What the scarecrow says?

drawing showing a scarecrow
scarecrow costume: hat, jeans or dungarees, straw or hay (optional)

What should be done:

1. If you want, change into a scarecrow costume. Stuff the sleeves and legs of your clothes with hay or straw.

2. Show children a drawing of a scarecrow. Talk about it, why fear drives birds away.

3. Tell the children, that they will pretend to be scarecrows. Ask, to obey your commands.

4. Give commands to your little ones, e.g:

The scarecrow says: Move your nose”.

The scarecrow says: "Smash your feet”.

The scarecrow says: "Wave your arms”.

The scarecrow says: "Make a terrible face”.

The scarecrow says: "Tell me!”.

What else can be done:

The senses: Put a pile of hay or straw in the basket and examine it by touch.