Safety pebbles

Safety pebbles


red cardboard
small pebbles (one for each child)
red indelible marker
plastic bags with hermetic closure

What should be done:

1. Cut a large stop sign from the cardboard.

2. Encourage the children to create a list of rules, which should be kept in mind when playing outside the building. Write these rules on the cut sign.

3. Here are some suggestions:

• Cross the street only when accompanied by an adult.
• Don't talk to strangers.
• Stay away from fire and matches.
• Wear a helmet when cycling

4. Draw a red heart on each of the pebbles with the felt-tip pen. Tell the children, that it means people, who love them and who want them to be safe. The red color makes you stop and think, or that, what are we going to do, it is definitely safe.

5. Put the pebbles in plastic bags and hand them out to the children, to take them home.

6. Also put a note in each bag:

Keep this pebble in your pocket
When you play outside.
He will remind you of the rules
And it will help to be safe.