Class flags

Class flags


Polish flag
drawings of other flags
pieces of glitter fabric

What should be done:

1. Show the children the Polish flag. Ask the little ones, do they know, what is that, and what it is for.

2. Familiarize children with the word "symbol”. Explain, that the flag is the symbol of the country.

3. Continue the conversation about the flags. Show the children the drawings of other national flags, as well as maps of individual countries.

4. Give the children the art supplies and encourage everyone to create a flag of their own home or kindergarten.

5. Organize an exhibition of flags drawn by children in the hall.

What else can be done:

1. Let the whole group vote, which of the drawn flags is to be the official symbol of your group. Hang the flag of your choice in a place of honor, for example, above the entrance to the hall or next to the national flag. Create a table with the number of votes cast for individual flags, so that children can follow the vote carefully. Talking about the results, use words like "more” and "less”.