Collection of gloves

Collection of gloves


old magazines and exercise books or felt-tip pens
glue stick
paper cutter
binder with pockets
cardboard sheets approx 30 x 45 cm
laminating device

What should be done:

1. Narysuj na tekturze zestaw par rękawiczek z jednym palcem.

2. Wytnij pary rysunków przedstawiających obiekty o rymujących się nazwach (cat and fence, forest and belt etc.), then stick them on respectively the left and right gloves of the pair (or draw pictures directly on the gloves).

3. Za pomocą gilotyny do papieru przytnij karty do pożądanych rozmiarów.

4. If you want, make a header card and place it on the top row of binder pockets. Draw a snowman with gloves on it, write down the name of the game and the command: Match pairs of gloves showing objects with rhyming names”.

5. If you want, make a briefcase from the cardboard sheets, in which you hide individual elements.

6. Laminate and cut out the header card, cardboard gloves and a briefcase.

7. Daj każdemu z dzieci po jednej prawej rękawiczce.

8. Podnieś pierwszą lewą rękawiczkę i poproś dzieci, to recognize the drawing on it.

9. Włóż rękawiczkę do kieszonki segregatora, leaving room next to the pair of gloves.

10. Ask the little ones, to look at their right gloves and find this one among them, which fits the glove placed in the binder. Put it in the adjacent pocket.

11. Kontynuujcie w ten sposób, until you have completed all pairs of gloves.

12. Kiedy skończycie, put the binder in an accessible place, so children can browse it at their leisure.