Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab


Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. Przeczyta] the children follow the rhyme, by following the steps described:

Shy little pet Hides in shells for years (get around with your hands)

Is very, very careful,

When he comes out into the world (carefully take a few steps)

Pick it up and hold it

His hand will feel soft! (pretend, that you are putting a crab in your hand)

He will slowly stick out his feet (straighten one finger with the other hand)

I załaskocze cię lekko! (gently tickle your extended finger into an open hand)

2. Repeat the rhyme, so that the children can make all the movements.

What else can be done:

Plasticity: Give each of the children a shell (or its outline cut out of cardboard). Encourage the little ones to decorate the seashells with crayons, Sequins (glued), pieces of colored paper, etc..

Science: If possible, bring a real hermit crab to the hall.

Visit pet stores, and maybe you will find this pet somewhere.

Caring for him is really very easy.