April downpours, May flowers

April downpours, May flowers


carton (in five different colors)
plastic bucket

What should be done:

1. Cut five copies of five types of flowers from the cardboard (for example, five daisies, five roses, five tulips etc.). Put them in a bucket.

2. Show the children the cut flowers and talk about each of them.

3. Ask one of the little ones, to take the flowers out of the bucket and name them.

4. Then stick the flowers on the paper.

5. Glue the next flowers in rows, by type.

6. When all the children have glued the selected flower, count the flowers in each row. Compare their number, using words like more, most, least, the same.

What else can be done:

Outdoor activities: Go for a walk and look for different kinds of flowers. Science: Plant flower seeds.



blue cardboard
sheep's wool (or cotton balls)
glue stick

What should be done:

1. Perform this exercise in a nice way, partly cloudy day. Go outside with the children and ask, to lie on their backs and look at the sky.

2. Watch the clouds together.

3. Take turns trying to imaginatively interpret the shapes of the clouds you see ("I see a dragon”, "I can see the car” e.t.c.).

4. After returning to the hall, ask the little ones to make clouds in similar shapes from wool or cotton swabs. Have the kids decorate the clouds with crayons.

5. Hang your finished works on the wall.