Summer camping

Summer camping.


2 flashlights
2 backpack sleeping bags
cooking utensils
pieces of wood

What should be done:

1. Set up your tent in front of the building.

2. Hide two flashlights in the tent, two sleeping bags and a backpack filled with cooking utensils. Place pieces of wood nearby.

3. When the children are outside, invite them to play camping.

4. Let the little ones sit around the fire” and singing tourist songs.

5. if possible, do this game also in winter (see "Winter camping”) and compare these experiences. Ask the kids: “How summer camping is similar to winter camping?”, "How is it different from him??”, “What would you like to do during both camps?”, “Which one did you like more and why?”.

6. Children can also pretend winter and summer camping while having fun in the room.