shoe boxes
items for decorating boxes (glue, feathers, stickers, sequins, colored tissue paper)
old deck of cards

What should be done:

1. February is the International Month of Friendship.

2. Talk to the children about the importance of friendship and about it, that many people send letters and postcards to one another.

3. Let the children choose one shoe box for themselves and decorate it, resembling mailboxes.

4. Attach a piece of paper with the child's name to each box.

5. Have each of the children draw one number card from the deck. This will be the baby's mailbox number.

6. Place the boxes on the shelves and give the children stationery and writing utensils, so that the little ones can write letters to each other. Ask your parents to provide the kindergarten with the necessary materials.

7. make sure, that the children are addressing their letters correctly.

8. Encourage the little ones to deliver the letters to the appropriate boxes.

if you want, make a bag for letters, that a different baby will carry every day, playing the role of a postman.

9. Children can play mail.

What else can be done:

Trip: Take a trip to the real mail.