Finger painting

Finger painting


newspapers or plastic oilcloth
finger painting paper
paper to be placed on the easel
finger paint
tubs with water
paper towels

What should be done:

1. Cover table tops with newspapers or a large plastic oilcloth.

2. Place a sheet of paper for painting with your fingers (shimmering side up) on a larger sheet of easel paper. When the baby is done, just pick up the trouser sheet and move it to another place, where the paint can dry.

3. Before the children start painting, wet the sheets with a damp sponge. Keep water sprinklers handy, in case the paint starts to dry.

4. Finger painting is a great way to learn to combine colors.

Daj każdemu z dzieci ¼ szklanki żółtej farby i ¼ szklanki czerwonej farby. Encourage the little ones to spread these paints together to create an orange color. Also try other combinations.

5. At another table, prepare colored paper, on which children can make their hands imprint, before they wash them.

6. Set up a washing point at the next table. Prepare a tub of warm soapy water and a tub of warm, clean water. Have each of the children first wash their hands in soap suds, then rinse them in clean water and dry them with paper towels.

7. Hand-painted paper tends to curl when dry. Attach it to another sheet with a stapler, making it easier for you to hang it on the wall.