Matching friends

Matching friends



pictures of all the children in the group (two prints)
transparent self-adhesive film

What should be done:

1. Cover each photo with cling film. if you want to, put cardboard under them in advance.

2. Use your photos for memory-training match-ups. Turn the pictures face down and encourage the little ones, to discover

two photos each and they were looking for pairs.

3. This is a great way to exercise your memory and get to know colleagues better.

What else can be done:

Group classes: This is a great opportunity to learn the names of other babies. Cover the coffee can with red cardboard. Put one photo of each of the children inside. Tell me: “I have a red can and I'm going to throw it inside (the name of the child); then I will take him / her out of there, kiss and put it back”. Children love this game and will soon learn the names of all their friends.

A bridge between home and kindergarten: Expand this idea, by attaching photos of parents.