Material of the month

Material of the month


various 'surprise' materials” for each month (see description below)

What should be done:

1. Each month, bring the children a different “surprise”, which the little ones will be able to use creatively in the plastic corner, for example, pieces of fabric, pieces of wood, bobbins, plastic figures, rolls of paper towels etc.. Look around, and you will surely find many interesting items (in the grocery, at the photocopying point, in a stationery store, on sale, at the bazaar, in your own home, etc.). The materials should be varied, interesting and safe for children.

2. Provide the little ones with various utensils to use when working on their projects (Glue, Tape, yarns, pieces of wire, string, threads, rubber bands, Paper, cardboard, etc.).

3. When children create, be around, in case they need more materials, to complete your masterpiece.

4. Organize exhibitions of finished works and appreciate the efforts of children. Don't give awards for the quality of the design itself.