Memory exercise with a Christmas tree

Memory exercise with a Christmas tree


felt squares of different colors (except green)
a large piece of green felt
Cork board

What should be done:

1. Christmas falls on December 25.

2. Before class, cut out a large outline of the Christmas tree from green felt. Cut a square from each of the felt squares, circle, rombie, triangle and asterisk (five different color squares, five different colors of circles etc..

3. Pin the Christmas tree to the blackboard during group activities.

4. Place the figures on the Christmas tree, vertically arranging them by color, and horizontally by shapes.

5. Ask the children, so that they close their eyes and remove one of the figures.

6. Children have to guess the shape and color of the figure, which has disappeared.

What else can be done:

Use real Christmas decorations while having fun.

Games: Hide ornaments in different parts of the room and organize a big search. maths: Bring a basket of decorations to kindergarten and encourage the children to sort them by color, size, material etc..