Love patchwork

Love patchwork


different colored cardboard squares with side length 20 cm
red and white cardboard squares with side length 22 cm
wax crayons and markers

What should be done:

1. We celebrate Valentine's Day 14 February.

2. Porozmawiajcie o ludziach, whom you love in your families. Ask the children, that they choose one of these people to put her image on the kindergarten patchwork.

3. Daj każdemu z malców kartonowy kwadrat o boku długości 20 cm and ask to draw the face of your loved one on it.

4. Ponaklejaj gotowe rysunki na kartonowych kwadratach o boku długości 22 cm and make a pattern on the board.

5. If you want, glue the squares to the board, creating a hanging ornament, which may be in the hall or in the corridor.

What else can be done:

Great motor skills: Count the sides of the square with your children, then select four little ones and ask them to lie down on the floor and create a square.

Learning to read: Make a list of other words starting with the letter "P.”, corresponding to the facilities present in the kindergarten, e.g.. "Preschooler”, „parapet”, "shelfs” e.t.c.

Snack: Give the kids square crackers.