Mini cherry cupcake

Mini cherry cupcake


cupcake molds (preferably made of aluminum foil)
vanilla wafers
instant vanilla mass for cakes
milk (to the vanilla mass)
cherry filling
old fashioned hand rammers
a couple of tablespoons
foil bags

What should be done:

1. Mix the vanilla mass according to the instructions on the package.

2. Let the children mix the mass and milk with the help of the hands (not electric) rammers.

3. Give each of the little ones a mold (preferably made of aluminum foil). Have the children place the waffle on the bottom of the pan, on baking paper.

4. Have each of the children put approx 2 tablespoons of vanilla mass on a wafer, and then on this mass 1-2 tablespoon of cherry filling.

5. if it's possible, put the cookies in the fridge for at least half an hour.

6. Eat your cookies for tea time, and if the children leave something behind, have them wrap the leftovers in plastic bags and take them home.