My family

My family

GESTURES, Songs and poems

Materials: lack

What should be done:

1. Sing the following song to the children:

My family loves me very much,

I get power hugs from them,

When I'm sad, they are always with me,

I can feel their help and during the day, and into the night!

My family loves me very much,

I get a hundred kisses from them,

When I'm sad, they are always with me,

I feel attentive eyes on me.



That's my name!


pieces of white paper approximately 12 in size×17 cm
thick thread or yarn

What should be done:

1. Send a letter to the family of each of the children, by asking parents about their reasons for giving the baby one, and not another name. Here is an example of the content of the letter:

Dear family!
We are currently conducting family activities. We would like to make a book about this, how each of the preschoolers got their name. Please, describe in a few words, where did the idea for the name for your baby come from?, and deliver your description to the kindergarten by the date (data). Children will make self-portraits under the slogan "This is my name!”. Each of the little ones will receive a copy of the book being prepared.

2. Niech dzieci narysują swoje autoportrety na białym papierze. Then stick each piece of paper on a cardboard rectangle of the size 20 x 28 cm (or greater).

3. Wydrukuj imiona dzieci pod ich autoportretami. Print the note you received from your parents below. (Ewelina Franciszka. Ewelina Franciszka owes her names to her two great-grandmothers”).

4. Stwórz okładkę książki. You can use a collage of children's photos or print a list of all names. Don't forget the back cover,

5. Wykonaj kserokopie wszystkich stron dia każdego z dzieci.

6. Za pomocą dziurkacza wykonaj przy krawędzi każdej strony cztery do sześciu otworów.

7. Połącz strony za pomocą grubej nitki bądź włóczki, creating a booklet.

8. Pozszywaj skopiowane strony, creating separate books for each of the little ones.

9. Razem przeczytajcie swoją nową książkę i wyślijcie egzemplarze do domów dzieci.

What else can be done:

Expand the subject of your book, on each page adding different facts about the child. For example, you can ask the little ones about their favorite foods, the colors, places and other interesting issues.


I have my name

I have my name,

You have your name,

They probably differ,

Maybe not.

Maybe they are very short,

Or maybe huge,

But they belong to us,

And everyone knows it!

My name is Basia,

And you Darek,

She is Joasia,

A on Marek.

Mum's name is Dorota,

Well, dad: Chris.

(Put the names of the children from the group and their families in the song).