Go fishing

Go fishing


colored cardboard
toy fishing rod

What should be done:

1. Cut out nine silhouettes of fish from the cardboard. Write one number on each of them (from 1 into 9).

2. Put the fish on the table.

3. Read the following rhyme:

I'm not quite sure myself,

When I got number one.

I was sitting, thinking, "Shhh. Shhh”

And then I caught number two.

This is how my dreams come true,

Number three goes online.

I do not know, if I'm going to be four,

How I got number four.

It made me want to,

To get a number, hit it.

As they like to eat fish,

Soon I was the number six.

To prove, that I am not a bastard,

I grab the number seven with my hands.

And soon it tailed my nose,

Beats the caught number eight.

How much would I catch? I do not know,

Because the number nine broke my fishing rod.

4. Have one of the children puts another fish on the hook of a toy fishing rod, while you say the rhyme.

5. Take more fish off the hook and put them in the bucket.