Our spring walk

Our spring walk


long cord
polaroid camera
magnifying glasses
large paper bag
large sheet

What should be done:

1. Before leaving the room, explain to the children, how we can look for traces of spring. Give the little ones magnifying glasses and binoculars. Tell me, that you will be carrying a large bag, where children can put found items.

2. Talk about the senses. Tell the little ones, that they should pay attention to the sensory stimuli reaching them during the walk, in order to be able to create an account of the trip together after returning.

3. Take a walk.

4. When you return, encourage the children to talk about it, what they saw, they heard, sensitive, etc.. Record all information.

5. Read the written accounts to the little ones. Ask, would they like to add anything.

6. Encourage the children to illustrate their story.

7. Hang your walk report on the wall and surround it with drawings and spring items you find.

Rain container


large transparent plastic container
Indelible felt-tip pen

What should be done:

1. When playing outside, place a large plastic rainwater container in front of the building.

2. Ask the children, to try to predict, how many rainy days will it take, to fill the container.

3. After each rain, mark the water level in the container with an indelible marker.