Let it rain and snow!

Let it rain and snow!


newspapers, old telephone books and magazines
music associated with rain and snowfall
large plastic bags

What should be done:

1. Explain to children, that they will make rain or snow themselves.

2. Show malcom, how to tear and crush the pages of newspapers and magazines, to get stripes, small pieces and balls.

3. Give each child a sufficient supply of paper.

4. When the children start tearing the paper, turn on the appropriate music.

5. Encourage the little ones to swim and dance in the paper 'storm”. Join them!

6. When the little ones get bored with this activity, Offer them to clean the room in a fun way. For example, say: “Let's play snow plows and clear these snowdrifts!”.

7. Hand out large plastic bags to the children, brooms and dustpan.

What else can be done:
Language: Talk to your children about the differences between real precipitation, and playing with papers.