Viewing shadows

Viewing shadows


various items located in the hall
black cardboard
long roll of white glue paper
bag or container

What should be done:

1. Tell your children about the American and Canadian holiday known as Groundhog Day, celebrated 2. February. The groundhog is observed on this day (they are actually whistling) coming out of the mink, if the animal sees its shadow and (so the weather will be sunny), this heralds another six weeks of winter. unless, means, that spring is near.

2. From draw different items on the black cardboard and cut them out, then stick in a random arrangement on white paper.

3. At the beginning of the class, put all the objects you have drawn in a container or bag. Have each of the children select one item in turn and try to fit it to the appropriate shape on the paper.

4. Then let the children play individually in matching objects to the glued figures.

What else can be done:

Games: Have fun matching the shadows of objects to the figures on the paper.
Learning to read: Look in the books for information on Groundhog Day.
Science: Experiment with the shadows of items. Circle the object with the torch and watch, how the shadow changes with the angle of the light and the distance.