Vegetable garden

Vegetable garden


a piece of land or several large soil containers
spades and rakes (their size depends on it, do you work in the room, or outside) garden hose or watering can
vegetable seedlings
books about gardens or their photos

What should be done:

1. Introduce children to the idea of ​​a vegetable garden.

2. Talk about the little ones' experiences with growing plants, look at the photos and ask questions.

3. Prepare the seedlings, best bred by children.

4. Go out with a small group of toddlers to the garden (or arrange a garden under the roof).

5. Have each of the little ones choose one seedling and take a label to describe it.

6. Summon more children, using plant names, and give them lines. Explain, that all plants should be planted in the same part of the garden, in distance 3 centimeters apart.

7. Encourage children to place the seedlings properly and label them. (You can also put the names of the little ones on the labels).

8. Hand out shovels to the children and help them replant the plants.

9. Don't forget to water your vegetables.

10. Let the children take care of the garden regularly – they are taking him, they rake, they water, they prune the plants, and finally they collect the grown vegetables. Eat the grown plants raw or cook vegetable soup.