Decorate your memories box

Decorate your memories box


Big, rigid shoe box
felt-tip pens or crayons
paint and brushes
various decorative materials (lace, Buttons, paper hearts and flowers, color photos cut from magazines, postcards or calendars, Ribbon, pieces of fabric, glitter etc.)

What should be done:

1. Before doing this exercise, decorate the shoe box yourself. Fill them with your personal souvenirs, for example, tickets to matches, received postcards, photos, Drawings, collectibles, pressed flowers, sports badges, gemstones and stickers.

2. Show the children the box and its contents. Explain to the little ones, that some subjects are of particular value to parents, relatives and friends, because they remind them of something.

3. Ask the children, to replace a pony of items, which they themselves would like to keep or show to others.

4. Give each of the little ones a shoe box and various decorative materials. Children can donate ready-made boxes to especially important people in their lives.