various boxes and containers, which can be wrapped with paper
used or new wrapping paper (with holiday themes)
adhesive tape
ribbons and stickers

What should be done:

1. On the eve of this activity, ask the children and their parents to prepare and bring suitable boxes and wrapping paper to the kindergarten..

2. Tell the little ones, that they will be packing their boxes. Show them to the next children, how to properly measure the amount of paper needed. Then mark the locations for the cuts on the back of the paper.

3. Help each of the little ones in the packaging of the selected box. remember, to let the children do as many work steps as possible on their own.

4. Encourage children to decorate their boxes with bows or colorful stickers.

5. if the children feel like it, sign wrapped boxes for them {e.g: “This box was packed by Tom” or "From Alek for mom”).

What else can be done:

Plasticity: Provide the children with art supplies and suggest making their own wrapping paper.