Paper pumpkins

Paper pumpkins

carton (orange, yellow and brown)
cardboard tubes for paper towels

What should be done:

1. Ask the children, to choose several sheets of cardboard in fall colors. The little ones can also use white sheets. Have them color the cardboard with wax crayons, creating a multi-layered mixture of colors. if you want, color the cartons on both sides.

2. Pomóż dzieciom pociąć większą część każdego z arkuszy na długie, narrow stripes, while leaving enough cardboard uncut, to be able to make peduncles, leaves and creepers.

3. Potnij tekturowe rurki na trzy części. Give each of the children one passage.

4. Pomóż malcom okleić kawałki tekturowych rurek kolorowym kartonem. This way you will get the core of each pumpkin.

5. Show the kids, how to glue five or six cardboard strips to one edge of the core. Before you glue the next strips, wait for the glue to dry. Continue this process, until you evenly cover the entire circumference of the tube with stripes.

6. Pomóż dzieciom delikatnie zawinąć końcówki pasków i przykleić je do dolnej krawędzi rdzenia. Each of the strips should bulge outwards. This way you will get the shape of a squat pumpkin. Let the little ones with your help glue all the stripes, then wait, until the glue dries. If any gaps remain, fill them with extra stripes. Thoroughly dry the glued paper.

7. Show the little ones, how to cut from green cardboard (or white cardboard colored with a crayon) large rectangle, and then roll it up into a cylinder. Insert the end of this roller into the hole on the top of the pumpkin and help the little ones stick it on.

8. Na kolorowym kartonie narysuj kontury liści i pnączy. Then help the little ones cut them out and stick them on the surface of the pumpkin, in any place you choose.