Paper daffodils

Paper daffodils


yellow cardboard
yellow or orange blotting paper
green pipe cleaners

What should be done:

1. You can use this game as an excuse to talk about the coming of spring. Daffodils are usually one of the first flowers, which bloom in spring. It can also be part of a discussion about plant growth and cyclical development.

2. Cut two flower shapes with five petals from the yellow cardboard, broad at about 10 cm.

3. From yellow or orange tissue paper, cut squares about 1⁄2 'long on the sides 8 cm.

4. Help the kids wrap the tissue paper squares around their thumbs, forming tubes, which will become the center of the daffodil. Let the little ones stick tissue paper in the center of the cardboard flowers.

5. Give the kids green pipe cleaners. Let the little ones fold them in half, from one half to form a stem, and the other wrapping in the shape of a leaf.

6. Help the kids stick one of the cardboard flower outlines under the stem, and others (the one with the tissue paper) on top of the stem. Wait, until the glue dries.