Penguin parade

Penguin parade


cardboard and scissors
drawing of a penguin (to be redrawn)
drawings of objects, whose names begin with the letters of the alphabet
glue stick
laminating device binder with pockets (optional)

What should be done:

1. Here's a fun exercise to organize your letters. From draw on paper and cut out 32 Penguins.

2. Write one letter of the alphabet on each of the penguins. For older children, you can put pictures of objects on the penguins instead of letters, whose names begin with individual letters (except "Ą”, "Ę” and "Ń”);

3. Stick all the cardboard penguins with cardboard, to make them stronger.

4. Laminate the resulting cards.

5. Put the penguins in the container and put it on the table next to the binder with pockets.

6. Have the kids arrange the penguins in alphabetical order.